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I’m constantly meeting people with nonfiction book ideas. When I tell them I’m an agent/writer, their eyes light up with the spark of possibility. Perhaps, they think, I could finally share that idea I’ve been kicking around for years and she’ll see what I see! These happenstance meetings take place in restaurants, at weddings, on trains, at dinner parties, over cocktails and sometimes, regrettably, someone even corners me in the bathroom. And once in a blue moon, it works! But the truth is, those romanticized, serendipitous meetings are few and far between, lighting in a bottle moments you shouldn’t be sitting around waiting to strike if writing a nonfiction book is truly one of your dreams.

The good news is, getting a book deal is much more about preparation than luck. And preparation is something you can take into your own hands and do something about, now.

You can take this class. You can show up for your idea, and you can make it happen.

But where do you even start? Bottom line, you need a book proposal. Even the world’s biggest celebrities and foremost experts need to pitch their ideas. That’s why this one-of-a-kind class is so valuable. It sets you on the path of the critical first step to having a book with your name on the spine.

In this class you’ll get

  • Comprehensive, intensive instruction with a top industry professional in an intimate, interactive online group setting
  • Weekly, step-by-step instruction on how to build each element of a successful proposal
  • Secret tips and tricks to getting published that only industry insiders know
  • A behind-the curtain-glimpse into the book world and how it really works
  • Weekly assignments and feedback on your individual work
  • A polished, professional proposal that will get the attention of the world’s biggest publishers and most prominent editors
  • Classes are capped at six people so you get personal attention to your project every week

Classes begin Tuesday, October 29th, so be sure to sign up now to secure your spot!

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